The Drin + Echos in Smoke + UltraMega

April 16, 2024            These days, few bands can be called unique, and we’re psyched to bring you one of them. Cincinnati’s the Drin mix nihilistic post-punk with clever hooks, jangly guitars, and synths that alternate between melodic and textural. The result is something that draws inspiration from many, but comparison to few. In other words - it’s cool stuff. Come see them.


Cruz + Morbid Flesh + Pvrgatorii

18 APRIL 2024
        Dark enough for metalheads and linear enough for punks, Barcelona’s Cruz are one of the few bands to strike the balance between the two with equal measures technical riff construction and aggressive rowdiness. Live, they bring both violence and precision and, well, you’ll like it. Whoever you are. Joining them will be the pitch-black death metal of Morbid Flesh and the violence of Purgatorii


Filmmaker + Carmilla Sioux + Vitorio Testa
20 APRIL 2024

        Mysterious, haunting and increasingly legendary, Filmmaker 🎥 from Medellín will be coming to Barcelona to take his rightful place as the steward of a new dystopia, bringing us low and then lower with post-punk that is as moving as it is pitch-black. Joining him to dim the lights even further, will be locals vampire DJ Carmilla Sioux and our very own Vitorio Testa. Brought to you by From Hell to Disco and Greetings from Barcelona. 13€ at the door, see you there.